Crypto Invoicing

Invoicing for your business

Send a crypto invoice that customers can pay instantly using their cryptocurrency.
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Raise an invoice and get paid in crypto

Generate and send crypto invoices. Accept payments in crypto or stablecoins for seamless and compliant business accounting.

Accept payments in crypto

A wide range of cryptocurrencies and denominate your crypto payments in fiat for easier and compliant accounting.

Beautiful interface for your clients

We are obsessed with designing beautiful yet functional interfaces and a visually stunning dashboard to settle their invoice, leaving a lasting and professional impression.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is crypto invoicing?
Use BoomFi Invoice to create and send invoices for your offerings and receive crypto payments. It's a familiar invoicing system tailored for businesses preferring cryptocurrency payments.
How does crypto invoices work with my accounting?
Your BoomFi account has a fiat currency like USD. Crypto received gets converted into fiat for easy record-keeping. Like other payment processors, you can export your data for seamless import into your preferred accounting software.
If I accept crypto, do I have to settle or be paid in crypto?
We facilitate accepting crypto payments and converting them to your selected fiat currency like USD - a process called off-ramping. If paid in ETH or USDC, you can opt to settle in USD.
What crypto currencies can I accept or choose to accept?
You decide the crypto customers can use for payment and can auto-convert their crypto into your preferred one. For instance, if paid in ETH but you prefer USDC, we'll automatically swap ETH to USDC.
Do I need a crypto wallet to get going?
Upon signing up with your email and password, a default BoomFi merchant wallet is provisioned. You can add more wallets and change the default one as needed.
How much does it cost to raise and get paid with a crypto invoice?
BoomFi Invoice charges a 1% transaction fee per payment received. Our transparent and competitive fees apply only upon payment receipt, with no hidden, monthly, or setup costs. Swaps or off-ramps incur additional fees.
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