BoomFi Announces Crypto Off-Ramping: Withdraw Your Crypto to Bank Account with Low Fees and Market-Leading Rates

BoomFi Announces Crypto Off-Ramping: Withdraw Your Crypto to Bank Account with Low Fees and Market-Leading Rates

November 24, 2023


Fast withdraw Crypto Bank with BoomFi

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, businesses are constantly seeking innovative and efficient ways to offramp their crypto funds. We're excited to announce the launch of Crypto Off-Ramping, designed to revolutionize how you withdraw crypto to your bank account.

🏦 Instant Crypto Withdrawals to Bank Accounts

Our Off-ramping stands out for its simplicity and speed. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly transfer your cryptocurrency to your bank account. Here's how we make a difference:

  • Bank Transfer-Based Offboarding: We provide each client with a virtual IBAN/account, significantly reducing the risk of account freezes often associated with crypto transactions.
  • Virtual Named IBAN: Smooth transfers with personalized IBANs tailored for your business.
  • Global Accessibility: Offering services in the EU, UK, and US with support for SEPA, FPS, and ACH transfers, all at a 1% fee with spot FX rates - and absolutely no hidden fees.

🔒 Trust and Compliance: Secure and Swift

Your trust and compliance are our top priorities:

  • Rigorous KYB & KYC: Complete peace of mind with our thorough Know Your Business (KYB) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.
  • Fast Onboarding: Get started with off-ramping in just one day through our simple, quick, and user-friendly process.

💹 Empowering Business Growth

We're not just about transferring funds; we're about growing your business:

  • Cash Rebates for Increased Volumes: The more you transact, the more you save, lowering your business's operational costs.
  • Worldwide Access: We cater primarily to EU businesses, and we welcome clients from across the globe.

🌏 Expanding Your Global Reach

Expand your business's reach with our global solutions:

  • SWIFT for Global Accessibility: A clear and straightforward fee structure that ensures you can reach anywhere in the world.
  • Fast Settlements via RTP: Experience near-instant settlements with SEPA Instant, FPS, and ACH.

Ready to Transform Your Crypto Transactions?

If you're interested in off-ramping your crypto funds to your bank account with low fees and the best market rates, get started with us today. Sign Up Now

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