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All-in-one solution to accept, send, and convert crypto payments to fiat across multiple networks & currencies.
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A modern solution to help your business accept crypto payments
All-in-one crypto payments
From payment links to subscriptions, checkout, you have the flexibility to get paid in any way that suits you. BoomFi also provides features like multi-party settlement, free trials, and on/off-ramp.
Support multiple networks
Support for Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Tron, Arbitrum, BNB, and more coming soon.
Settle in crypto or fiat
Choose to settle in your preferred crypto or fiat currency like USD, GBP, or EURO
Safe & secure
Your wallet, your keys - a fully non-custodial payment solution
Stay compliant
Real-time AML transaction monitoring for compliance with local regulations
For any pricing model
Our product is designed to work with any pricing model: one-time checkout, recurring payments, invoicing, and usage-based billing.
Set up plan
One time
Tiered Pricing
Usage based
Volume pricing
Built for teams
From finance teams to operations, you'll find pre-built performance dashboards, exports that are ready for accounting, and controls to ensure smooth and compliant payment operations.
Use cases
Grow your SaaS recurring revenues with a single solution that supports both recurring and metered crypto payments.
Accept crypto and fiat payments with a universal checkout on your e-commerce store, with store branding for better conversions.
Creator Economy
Easily monetize your content with our no-code Payment link solution. You can use it for memberships, tips, or donations. Simply copy the link and send it to accept payments.
NFT & Token Projects
Launch a pre-sale campaign with our no-code solution to secure commitments and increase success for your token, NFT, or products.
Integrate crypto payments for seamless multi-party payouts in your marketplace
Embedded Finance (Coming soon)
Host a Web3 event and offer ticket sales. Allow attendees to purchase tickets using both crypto and fiat payments through a universal checkout.
Our success stories

Switching to BoomFi helped our crypto payment process at Zealy. Before, we faced constant customer complaints and friction. With BoomFi, those issues are solved, bringing in happy customers and enabling smooth five-digit crypto transactions. It’s not just about reducing hassle; it has helped us attract crypto-preferred customers, contributing to our MRR growth.

Co-founder & CEO, Zealy

Using BoomFi's payment links for our legal and corporate service invoices at LegalBison has been very good. The platform's UX is top-notch, offering convenience for our clients. The positive feedback we've received from customers who have settled their invoices through BoomFi has been positive. Moreover, the swift and personal responses from the team have greatly enhanced our experience.

Co-Founder, LegalBison

BoomFi's recurring crypto payment feature is really as easy as card payment. Its simple integration, multi-chain support, and secure, flexible subscription plans have streamlined our payment collection, enabling us to focus on building Hopr. A vital tool for any Web3 SaaS builder.

Co-Founder, Hopr & RPCh

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