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BoomFi vs Loop Crypto: Choose the Better Alternative

BoomFi is the best alternative to Loop Crypto with fiat settlement, Crypto Checkout, low fees, AML monitoring, Crypto Invoicing, Pre-payments, and more
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Why businesses choose BoomFi

Settle in crypto or fiat
Opt for settlement in your preferred chain and token, or in fiat (USD, GBP, EURO), for flexible financial management
Crypto Checkout
Ready-made hosted payment page for crypto transactions. Accept one-time and subscription payments in crypto with ease
Card Payment Method
Accept Fiat payments through card in a single universal checkout alongside crypto
Crypto Pre-payment
Launch a pre-sale campaign for your token, NFT or products and secure upfront commitments to enhance your success prospects
Loop Crypto
Crypto Checkout - API/SDK
Crypto Subscription Payments
Crypto Payment Link
Crypto Invoicing
Crypto Pre-Payments
Crypto Pay Out
Card payment method
Fiat settlement
Networks accepted
Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, Tron, Solana, BNB & more coming soon
Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB, Base (Coinbase)
VASP License and Custodial License
Not disclosed
24/7 support via Chatbox, Telegram group, and on-call support
Email and on-call support
Team Management
Merchant Portal
Transactional emails
Trial and Discount Options
Split Settlements
AML/Fraud detection
Custom Branding
Stripe Billing
Pricing Plan
Crypto Processing
1% + 25¢ per transaction
Not disclosed
Fiat <> Crypto Exchange
Not disclosed
Migrate to BoomFi for a unique experience
Whether you need one-time payments, subscription or payout, we are here to make the process much easier and seamless

Do you support varying subscriptions?

BoomFi functions as a non-custodial payment gateway, ensuring direct transfers between customer and business wallets without holding any funds.

Can businesses integrate with API?

Indeed, businesses can integrate with APIs to accept cryptocurrency payments for all of their business needs. You can find detailed technical documentation on how to do this here.

Does BoomFi offer Crypto Payouts?

Yes, BoomFi supports (bulk) cryptocurrency payouts across major blockchains and currencies. Options include manual entry or CSV uploads with no limit on batch size, along with real-time payment processing for both the initial and final stages of settlement.

Does BoomFi's checkout process accept card payments alongside cryptocurrency?

Absolutely, BoomFi's checkout supports card payment methods, providing your customers with the flexibility to choose between crypto and card payments from a single checkout interface.

Can BoomFi convert crypto to fiat currency?

Absolutely, BoomFi provides cryptocurrency off-ramping services, ensuring compliance through its license as a European VASP. Our services are designed for businesses, offering bank on/off-ramping with Virtual IBANs, and supporting multiple currencies including USD, EURO, and GBP with real foreign exchange rates and no hidden fees.

Is BoomFi a custodial or non-custodial platform?

BoomFi functions as a non-custodial payment gateway, ensuring direct transfers between customer and business wallets without holding any funds.

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