How does BoomFi compare to its competitors?

Compare BoomFi and its competitors to discover the advantages and disadvantages of accepting crypto payments for your business.
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What Cryptocurrencies and Chains Does BoomFi Support?
BoomFi supports Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Arbitrum, and Tron. We plan to add more soon. To see the most current list of our supported cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks, please visit our documentation.
What Payment Types Are Available with BoomFi Crypto Payment Links?
Three types: one-time payments (e.g., annual memberships), recurring subscriptions (e.g., monthly services), and usage-based payments (e.g., charges based on monthly usage).
How Can Customers View and Manage Their Subscriptions?
Customers paying with crypto through BoomFi have easy access to their transaction history. By logging in with their wallet on our platform, they can view all subscriptions across various merchants. This includes managing subscriptions and adjusting spending limits. Our system is fully hosted, providing a hassle-free experience.
Is it possible to personalize my brand on the checkout page?
Indeed, you have the option to personalize the checkout page by incorporating your brand's logo, business name, and optionally adding a notification email and webhook URL, all to improve the customer experience.
What Data is Needed for BoomFi Usage-Based Billing?
For accurate invoicing with usage-based billing, BoomFi requires the customer's ID, the associated plan ID, the usage metric, and the usage data. With these inputs, BoomFi precisely calculates the charge based on your pricing structure.
Is BoomFi a custodial or non-custodial platform?
BoomFi functions as a non-custodial payment gateway, ensuring direct transfers between customer and business wallets without holding any funds.
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