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Trusted by leading Web3 companies
Trusted by leading Web3 companies

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Supports major blockchains
We support major blockchain networks, including Polygon, BNB, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Solana, Tron & more.
Competitive fees
1% (min 2.99 € + Network rates for Visa / Mastercard).
Fast settlement
Fast and seamless delivery of your crypto.
Seamless onboarding
Fast, secure, and automated KYC process.
BoomFi Ramp will deliver your crypto to your self-custody wallet.
24/7 support
Speak to our friendly support team via live chat.

Supported currencies and network

Buy crypto with your card. Support for buying all popular cryptocurrencies with major blockchains
Our partners
We work with renowned, licensed, and compliant partners
Our success stories

Switching to BoomFi helped our crypto payment process at Zealy. Before, we faced constant customer complaints and friction. With BoomFi, those issues are solved, bringing in happy customers and enabling smooth five-digit crypto transactions. It’s not just about reducing hassle; it has helped us attract crypto-preferred customers, contributing to our MRR growth.

Co-founder & CEO, Zealy

Using BoomFi's payment links for our legal and corporate service invoices at LegalBison has been very good. The platform's UX is top-notch, offering convenience for our clients. The positive feedback we've received from customers who have settled their invoices through BoomFi has been positive. Moreover, the swift and personal responses from the team have greatly enhanced our experience.

Co-Founder, LegalBison

BoomFi's recurring crypto payment feature is really as easy as card payment. Its simple integration, multi-chain support, and secure, flexible subscription plans have streamlined our payment collection, enabling us to focus on building Hopr. A vital tool for any Web3 SaaS builder.

Co-Founder, Hopr & RPCh

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees associated with BoomFi?
For the most current information on our pricing, including crypto processing fees, swaps, and fiat on/off-ramping, please refer to our detailed pricing page here. We ensure transparent and up-to-date details to help you make informed decisions.
How quickly does KYC verification happen?
KYC verification for on/off ramp is quick, taking only a few minutes. You’ll need to provide personal information, ID documents, and a selfie.
How long does it take to receive money in my bank when I sell crypto?
The processing time varies by location. In Europe and the UK, it typically takes 1-2 working days. For transactions outside these regions, international bank transfers can take up to 3-5 working days.
Is there a limit on how much I can buy or sell?
You can purchase crypto using a card up to a limit of around $10,000. There is no minimum amount required, but there will be a minimum fee specified in the quotation.
Besides card payments, are there other ways to buy crypto?
Initially, only card payments are accepted, but soon Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank Transfer, and more methods will be available.