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Enhance Your Crypto Payment Link with Advanced Features

Trial and Discount Options
Elevate your crypto payment link by offering trials, discounts, and exclusive token gating, enhancing customer engagement.
Automated Tax Collection
Streamline sales tax handling directly through your crypto payment link, simplifying your financial transactions.
Split Settlements Across Wallets
Distribute funds seamlessly with multi-wallet split settlements, adding flexibility and security to your crypto transactions.
Boost early sales and interest with pre-sale options on your crypto payment link, perfect for launching new products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Crypto Payment Link?
A crypto payment link is a URL that directs customers to a secure payment page for purchasing goods or services, signing up for subscriptions, or making donations. It's the fastest and easiest way to accept crypto payments, and you can set it up without any coding.
What Cryptocurrencies and Chains Do You Support?
To see the most current list of our supported cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks, please visit here.
Can I Embed My Crypto Payment Link on My Website?
Yes, once you create your crypto payment link, it can be shared widely or embedded directly on your website.
How Much Does It Cost to Use?
For the most current information on our pricing, including crypto processing fees, swaps, and fiat off-ramping, please refer to our detailed pricing page here.

We ensure transparent and up-to-date details to help you make informed decisions.
What Payment Types Are Available with Crypto Payment Links?
There are three types: one-time payments (e.g., annual memberships), recurring subscriptions (e.g., monthly services), and usage-based payments (e.g., charges based on monthly usage).
What checkout experiences are available?
Our no-code solution is our hosted checkout page where the paylink will guide you to. You can customize the logo to align to your brand.

We have a low-code in-line checkout solution where the checkout experience is more integrated to your website. This require low level integration, most devs will do just fine.

Finally, we have API solutions for a completely integrated checkout solution where you create the front-end and we’ll power the backend crypto payment processing. Read docs here
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