Crypto Subscription Payments

Recurring revenues with subscriptions

Launch subscription plans, memberships and usage-based products / services and collect your crypto payments automatically.
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Why merchants choose BoomFi subscriptions

Works like traditional cards
No token wrapping or locking funds in smart contract wallets
Any subscription plans
Fixed amount, usage-base, tiered and more
Multi-chain and tokens
Works across multi-chains and wide range of tokens
Fraud detection
Stop fraud with our transaction monitoring and wallet analysis

Get creative, works with  any subscription model:

We provide all the building blocks to get creative with your pricing model. BoomFi billing and subscriptions will enable your organization to price test and innovate on your pricing effortlessly.
Flat Rate
Charge a flat price on a recurring basis
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Promos and Trials
Offer discount codes, token based discounts and free trial periods
Charge weekly, monthly, yearly

Get started without code

Create a flat rate subscription via our no-code solution. A monthly subscription to your product? Done in minutes.

Usage based and tiered will require light integration - see docs

Reduce involuntary churn and grow your MRR

Unlike typical crypto payments that need buyer approval each time, BoomFi subscriptions enable recurring crypto transactions, like card payments.

With BoomFi, customers can auto-renew subscriptions for memberships, software, donations, and more.
What is crypto subscription payments?
Crypto subscription payments is like any other subscription payments you signup to using your credit/debit card for things like Spotify, Slack and more.

With BoomFi subscriptions, it is now possible to offer the same subscription payment feature for cryptocurrency payments.
How much does it cost to use?
For the latest pricing for crypto processing, performing swaps, off-ramping to fiat etc - please visit here
How is crypto subscriptions possible?
Crypto subscriptions is possible through BoomFi’s proprietary subscriptions payments engine. This is using a combination of trustless smart contracts, on-chain permits, on-chain relays, users giving permissions to BoomFi and automatic transaction processors.
What checkout options are available to choose from?
Our easiest and fastest way to get going is by creating a crypto paylink and utilizing the pre-built hosted checkout option.

You can also go for our in-line checkout option which is a low-code solution which require low level of developer integration.
Is it safe to use BoomFi subscriptions?
Yes, security of our users is a top priority at BoomFi. Our payment systems is non-custodial meaning we never hold or touch any funds. Each subscription mandate created has a number of layers of check and security.

First, we have partnered withfor transaction monitoring, this will ensure any irregular transaction request is flagged, checked for validity before it will be processedSecond, each mandate has an associated “Spend Limit” this limit is suggested by BoomFi based on the subscription you’re subscribing to. Ultimately, the buyer has full control to ensure the expect level of funds are taken and not more.

Finally, all our systems are penetration tested for cyber security, our smart contracts have been audited by Sayfer.
How to enable usage-based and tiered based subscriptions?
To enable usage-based and tiered based crypto subscription payments, some light integration is required.

Plug in your customer and usage data to an associated pricing plan, this will enable BoomFi Billing to compute how much to charge your customer for a given billing period and raise an invoice. Then, BoomFi Subscriptions will execute its usual process to collect the owed amount from the customer’s wallet.

To get started, please refer to the API docs and if you need help, feel free to reach out via chat
What cryptocurrencies and chains do you support?
For the latest list of supported cryptocurrency and chains, please visit here
How will my customer see their transactions and manage their subscriptions?
All users who have paid in crypto with BoomFi will be able to see their transactions online and simply logging in with their wallet.Here, they’ll be able to view all their subscriptions across all merchants, manage their subscription and adjust spend limits.It’s completely hosted by us, and you can simply link them to this page to manage their subscription with you. If you want a white label option, you can integrate with our APIs - see docs here
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