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Crypto Subscription Payments

Automatically collect crypto payments for your subscription plans, memberships, and usage-based products/services.
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Why Merchants Choose BoomFi Subscriptions

Traditional Cards like Functionality
No complications of token wrapping or funds locked in smart contracts. It's as straightforward as using traditional cards.
All Subscription Types
Support for every subscription style, be it fixed, usage-based, or tiered.
Multi-chain and tokens
Works across multi-chains and wide range of tokens
Fraud detection
BoomFi's transaction monitoring and wallet analysis proactively prevent fraud, ensuring safe and secure operations for your business.

Flexible Solutions for Every Subscription Model

We provide the tools you need for flexible pricing. Effortlessly experiment and refine your pricing strategies with our billing and subscription system
Flat Rate
Charge a flat price on a recurring basis
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Promos and Trials
Offer discount codes, token-based discounts, and free trial periods.
Charge weekly, monthly, yearly
No-Code Setup

Launch flat rate subscriptions with our no-code solution

Set up a monthly subscription in just minutes. For usage-based and tiered plans, a simple integration is all it takes.

Learn more in our documentation.

Minimize Churn, Maximize Monthly Recurring Revenue

Say goodbye to the hassle of seeking buyer approval for every crypto payment.

Our platform supports automatic renewal of subscriptions for a variety of services, including memberships, software, and donations, just like traditional card payments
Frequently Asked Questions
What are Crypto Subscription Payments?
Crypto subscription payments bring the convenience of regular subscription models, like those you're familiar with from services like Spotify or Slack, into the world of cryptocurrency.

With BoomFi, offering and managing subscriptions through cryptocurrency payments becomes as straightforward as using a credit or debit card.
How much does it cost to use?
For the most current information on our pricing, including crypto processing fees, swaps, and fiat off-ramping, please refer to our detailed pricing page here.

We ensure transparent and up-to-date details to help you make informed decisions.
How Are Crypto Subscriptions Made Possible?
Crypto subscriptions become a reality through BoomFi’s innovative payment engine. This system uniquely combines trustless smart contracts, on-chain permits, and relays. Users grant BoomFi permissions, enabling our automatic transaction processors to facilitate seamless crypto subscription payments.
What Checkout Options Does BoomFi Offer?
Choose from two convenient checkout options:

Crypto Paylink with Hosted Checkout: Our quickest setup. Create a crypto paylink and use our pre-built hosted checkout for fast, hassle-free transactions.

In-line Checkout Option: Prefer a more integrated approach? Our in-line checkout is a low-code solution, requiring minimal developer integration for a seamless payment experience.
Is It Safe to Use BoomFi Subscriptions?
Absolutely. At BoomFi, user security is paramount. Our non-custodial payment system ensures we never handle your funds directly. Each subscription mandate incorporates multiple security layers:

Advanced Transaction Monitoring: In partnership with leading security firms, we flag and validate any unusual transactions, enhancing protection against fraud.

Spend Limit Control: Each mandate includes a 'Spend Limit' suggested by BoomFi, tailored to your subscription. Buyers maintain complete control, preventing any excess fund withdrawals.

Rigorous Security Measures: Our systems undergo thorough penetration testing. Additionally, our smart contracts have been independently audited by Sayfer, ensuring robust security.
How to enable usage-based and tiered based subscriptions?
To enable usage-based and tiered subscriptions in BoomFi, follow these steps:

Integrate Customer and Usage Data: Connect your customer usage data to an appropriate pricing plan. This allows BoomFi Billing to accurately calculate the charge for each billing period based on usage.

Invoice Generation: Based on this data, BoomFi will generate invoices, reflecting the computed charges for the respective billing cycle.

Automatic Collection: BoomFi Subscriptions then takes over, automatically collecting the calculated amount from the customer's crypto wallet.

For a smooth start, refer to our detailed API documentation. If you encounter any challenges or have questions, our chat support team is ready to assist you at any step.

What Cryptocurrencies and Chains Do You Support?
To stay updated with our expanding range of supported cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks, we invite you to visit our regularly updated list here. Our platform continuously evolves to include a wide variety of crypto options, catering to diverse needs.
How Can Customers View and Manage Their Subscriptions?
Customers paying with crypto through BoomFi have easy access to their transaction history. By logging in with their wallet on our platform, they can view all subscriptions across various merchants. This includes managing subscriptions and adjusting spend limits.

Our system is fully hosted, providing a hassle-free experience. Simply direct them to our management page for their subscription needs. For a tailored, white-label solution, integration with our APIs is available - more details can be found in our documentation.
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