Subscription and usage-based billing

Save valuable time with our flexible billing solution for any pricing models. Get going with usage-based billing with our easy-to-use APIs.
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For forward-thinking teams who value their time

Support any pricing model
Set up any plans on BoomFi, fixed recurring or usage-based
Save valuable dev time
Handle edge cases, constant price changes and scalability issues
Empower commercial teams
Customise plans, launch price test and variations all without the dev time
Completely effortless
Auto-compute billing, raise invoices and collect payment from your customer’s wallet

Get creative, works with  any subscription model:

We provide all the building blocks to get creative with your pricing model. BoomFi billing and subscriptions will enable your organization to price test and innovate on your pricing effortlessly.
Flat Rate
Charge a flat price on a recurring basis
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Promos and Trials
Offer discount codes, token based discounts and free trial periods
Charge weekly, monthly, yearly
Usage-based billing APIs
Easy to integrate APIs for usage and customer data, integrate once and we’ll take care of the billing computation.
What is BoomFi Billing?
BoomFi Billing is the module where pricing plans are created and stored. It enables cryptocurrency subscription payments and other usage-based pricing plans that you may want to launch.
Do I need to integrate or code before I can get started?
No, you can start creating any pricing plan other than the usage-based plan without the need for integration or code.
I don’t have any recurring payment plans, membership or usage-based billing, do I need this?
If you offer a one-off plan, such as an annual subscription, but do not have any subscription plans, membership, or usage-based billing, then you can use BoomFi Billing to create a plan for that annual subscription. If you have an online store and are using BoomFi for checkout, or for unspecified tips or donations, then you do not need to use BoomFi Billing to create a plan.
What data do we need to send to BoomFi Billing for usage-based billing?
In order for BoomFi Billing to compute invoices, it will require: - Customer ID / identifier - Plan ID they are associated with - Usage metric - Usage data Based on the pricing model you’ve setup for the plan, we will compute the amount chargeable.
Can I use BoomFi Billing for other payment processors?
For now, BoomFi Billing is exclusively for processing payments with cryptocurrencies, we may look at add other fiat processors
How much does this feature cost?
Nothing, it’s included free of charge for all our customers
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