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Trusted by leading Web3 companies
Trusted by leading Web3 companies

What is BoomFi OTC Service?

An easy and convenient way for your business to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at scale.

Support for major cryptocurrencies
From stablecoins (USDC/USDT) to BTC and ETH.
Transparent fees
Real-time quote engine and fee breakdown.
Major fiat currency supported
USD, GBP, EUR, SGD, CAD and more
Direct support
Personalized support via email, telegram, and WhatsApp.
Transfer Globally
Fast remote onboarding
Average account opening time 48 hours
Our success stories

Switching to BoomFi helped our crypto payment process at Zealy. Before, we faced constant customer complaints and friction. With BoomFi, those issues are solved, bringing in happy customers and enabling smooth five-digit crypto transactions. It’s not just about reducing hassle; it has helped us attract crypto-preferred customers, contributing to our MRR growth.

Co-founder & CEO, Zealy

Using BoomFi's payment links for our legal and corporate service invoices at LegalBison has been very good. The platform's UX is top-notch, offering convenience for our clients. The positive feedback we've received from customers who have settled their invoices through BoomFi has been positive. Moreover, the swift and personal responses from the team have greatly enhanced our experience.

Co-Founder, LegalBison

BoomFi's recurring crypto payment feature is really as easy as card payment. Its simple integration, multi-chain support, and secure, flexible subscription plans have streamlined our payment collection, enabling us to focus on building Hopr. A vital tool for any Web3 SaaS builder.

Co-Founder, Hopr & RPCh

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your supported currencies?
You can refer to our docs for the most up-to-date supported crypto and fiat currencies here.
What are your supported networks?
You can refer to our docs for the most up-to-date supported blockchain and banking networks.
What countries can you service?
We can service most countries in the world except from these unsupported countries.
Are there any minimums to open an OTC trade account?
The minimum transaction size for our OTC services typically starts at $50,000 per month. This threshold is in place to ensure the service remains focused on high-volume traders and institutional clients.
How is OTC different from normal exchanges?
OTC trading deals with larger volume transactions when compared to exchanges and offering a personalized service to service your needs.
Can I use BoomFi OTC services for both buying and selling crypto?
Yes, BoomFi OTC services cater to both buying and selling crypto. Our approach ensures you receive competitive rates whether you're looking to increase your crypto holdings or convert large amounts of crypto to fiat.
Are there any hidden fees in BoomFi OTC trades?
No, there are no hidden fees. We believe in complete transparency with our clients. All potential fees, including any transactional or service charges, are itemized on the trade interface before any trade is executed.
How do I start using BoomFi OTC services?
Begin by verifying your business with our KYB process. After approval, you can request for quote via our simple and easy-to-use trade interface.
How long does a typical OTC trade take to settle?
Most OTC trades are settled within 1-2 working days they are initiated. The exact timing can depend on the complexity of the trade, the currencies involved, the verification of funds and the location of your bank. Our goal is to complete transactions as swiftly as possible, often within hours of fund verification.