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Accept Crypto Payments for your Professional Services

Offer your clients a modern payment solution by integrating BoomFi's crypto payment system, featuring no-code setup and fiat settlement options.
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Why Choose BoomFi For Your Event Ticketing?

Multi-Currency and Blockchain Support
Accept payments in various crypto across major blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, Tron, BNB, and more.
Ease of Implementation
Integrate crypto payments with just a few lines of code or opt for our no-code pay link solution.
Competitive Fees
Low transaction fees of 1% + 25¢ per transaction, maximizing your profits.
Flexible Settlement Options
Choose to settle payments in Fiat (USD, EURO, GBP) or keep them in crypto for your financial flexibility.
Card Payments
Accept card payments alongside crypto, by integrating with existing providers such as Stripe, Checkout, Shift4, and more—no need to integrate a separate Fiat Payment Gateway.
Customizable Payment Experience
Customize the payment interface to reflect your professional brand, strengthening trust and continuity in your client interactions.
Reporting Dashboard
Access our comprehensive dashboard for real-time analytics and reporting, streamlining your management and accounting processes.

Why Accept Crypto Payments For Your Event Tickets?

Efficient International Payments
Facilitate swift and cost-effective payments without the high fees and exchange rates associated with traditional banking.
Enhanced Payment Security
Benefit from the security of blockchain technology, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring secure transactions for your services.
Expand Client Base
Attract clients from around the globe by accepting crypto payments, opening up your services to a wider audience beyond geographical boundaries.
Experience faster payment processing times with crypto transactions, eliminating delays often associated with traditional banking systems.
Simplify your billing process with crypto payments, offering instant transactions that can be easily tracked and managed.
Provide clients with flexible payment options, allowing them to use their preferred cryptocurrencies for your professional services, increasing convenience and satisfaction.
No-code solution for ticket sales
Sell tickets easily with our no-code payment link, integrating in minutes.
Setup paylinks
Developer-friendly API
Integrate our API for a seamless ticketing experience, with developer docs to guide you.
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Our success stories

Switching to BoomFi helped our crypto payment process at Zealy. Before, we faced constant customer complaints and friction. With BoomFi, those issues are solved, bringing in happy customers and enabling smooth five-digit crypto transactions. It’s not just about reducing hassle; it has helped us attract crypto-preferred customers, contributing to our MRR growth.

Co-founder & CEO, Zealy

Using BoomFi's payment links for our legal and corporate service invoices at LegalBison has been very good. The platform's UX is top-notch, offering convenience for our clients. The positive feedback we've received from customers who have settled their invoices through BoomFi has been positive. Moreover, the swift and personal responses from the team have greatly enhanced our experience.

Co-Founder, LegalBison

BoomFi's recurring crypto payment feature is really as easy as card payment. Its simple integration, multi-chain support, and secure, flexible subscription plans have streamlined our payment collection, enabling us to focus on building Hopr. A vital tool for any Web3 SaaS builder.

Co-Founder, Hopr & RPCh

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BoomFi suitable for professional service providers?
Certainly, BoomFi is well-suited for professional service providers, offering a secure non-custodial payment gateway that facilitates direct crypto transactions between service providers and clients.
Does BoomFi support traditional card payment methods alongside crypto?
Yes, BoomFi's checkout currently supports card payment methods through integration with existing providers such as Stripe, Checkout, Shift4, and more coming soon.
Can I customize the payment experience for my clients with BoomFi?
Absolutely, BoomFi allows full customization of the payment experience, enabling service providers to tailor branding elements such as logos, color schemes, and business names to enhance client engagement.
What fees are associated with using BoomFi for professional services?
For the latest information on fees, including crypto processing charges and fiat off-ramping fees, please consult our detailed pricing page here, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.
Does BoomFi offer crypto-to-fiat conversion services for service providers?
Absolutely, BoomFi offers crypto off-ramping services with a European VASP license, providing bank on/off-ramping using Virtual IBANs. Supports USD, EURO, and GBP with real-time exchange rates and no hidden fees.