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BoomFi simplifies pre-sales for tokens, NFTs, or products with crypto payment solutions. Quick setup and instant settlement in crypto or fiat.
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Why Choose BoomFi For Your Event Ticketing?

Effortless Integration
Easily add BoomFi's crypto payment solutions to your pre-sale platform for a smooth experience for both you and your investors. Start integrating with our simple API.
Secure Transactions with Escrow
Keep pre-sale funds safe in a smart contract until your token, NFT, or product launch. This builds trust with your investors.
Wide Range of Crypto Payment Options
Accept various crypto to meet investor preferences, boosting your pre-sale. See the full list of supported currencies here.
Low Fees, More Funds
Enjoy competitive fees with BoomFi, maximizing the capital raised from your pre-sale. Learn more about our pricing and fees.
Customize Your Payment Gateway
Make the payment gateway yours by matching it with your project's branding. This strengthens your brand and builds confidence among your investors.
Flexible Settlement Options
Choose to settle funds in Fiat (USD, EURO, GBP) or keep them in crypto for your financial flexibility.
In-depth Analytics and Reporting
Use BoomFi's dashboard to get detailed insights into your pre-sale performance, helping you make informed decisions.
Accounting Software Integration
Easily connect BoomFi with QuickBooks and Xero. Automate your pre-sale financials for accurate bookkeeping and insights.
Real-Time Fraud Detection
Safeguard your pre-sale against fraudulent activities with BoomFi's advanced real-time fraud detection system.
24/7 Support and Advisory Services
Access our round-the-clock support and advisory services to navigate any challenges during your pre-sale. Whether it's technical support or strategic advice, we're here to help.

Why Accept Crypto Payments For Your Event Tickets?

Reach Global
Crypto simplifies accepting payments from 190+ countries without borders.
Lower fees
Crypto payments have lower fees compared to traditional payment methods.
Fast Transactions
Speed is of the essence in event ticketing, and crypto payments ensure quick, hassle-free processing.
The blockchain technology underlying crypto offers strong security features, reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks.
Crypto payments allow for more streamlined refunds and payouts, with the ability to automate these processes.
Unlock unique marketing and partnership opportunities, enabling promotions and partnerships with multiple businesses.
No-code solution for ticket sales
Sell tickets easily with our no-code payment link, integrating in minutes.
Setup paylinks
Developer-friendly API
Integrate our API for a seamless ticketing experience, with developer docs to guide you.
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Our success stories

Switching to BoomFi helped our crypto payment process at Zealy. Before, we faced constant customer complaints and friction. With BoomFi, those issues are solved, bringing in happy customers and enabling smooth five-digit crypto transactions. It’s not just about reducing hassle; it has helped us attract crypto-preferred customers, contributing to our MRR growth.

Co-founder & CEO, Zealy

Using BoomFi's payment links for our legal and corporate service invoices at LegalBison has been very good. The platform's UX is top-notch, offering convenience for our clients. The positive feedback we've received from customers who have settled their invoices through BoomFi has been positive. Moreover, the swift and personal responses from the team have greatly enhanced our experience.

Co-Founder, LegalBison

BoomFi's recurring crypto payment feature is really as easy as card payment. Its simple integration, multi-chain support, and secure, flexible subscription plans have streamlined our payment collection, enabling us to focus on building Hopr. A vital tool for any Web3 SaaS builder.

Co-Founder, Hopr & RPCh

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BoomFi facilitate token pre-sales?
BoomFi streamlines token pre-sales with a no-code payment link that's easy to share via email or chat, allowing quick and secure crypto contributions. Explore how our no-code payment links work.
Can BoomFi support high-volume transactions during my pre-sale?
Absolutely, BoomFi is designed to handle high transaction volumes, ensuring that your pre-sale can accommodate a large number of contributions without any interruptions.
What support does BoomFi offer for pre-sale projects?
BoomFi provides comprehensive support, including integration assistance, detailed documentation, and a dedicated support team to ensure your pre-sale runs smoothly.
How can accepting crypto payments benefit my pre-sale?
Accepting crypto payments offers numerous benefits, including instant transaction processing, reduced fees, enhanced security, and access to a global pool of potential investors, making your pre-sale more attractive and accessible.